You may be one of the ten thousands data providers who have not been able to utilize web capacity to present their information to their customers or probably it has frequently happened to you that your search about simple things ended up in very irrelevant results. In both situations you are a victim of conflict between human and search engines incapable to analyze concepts being designed for human. Now BasisCore is your ace to win

What is BasisCore?

BasisCore is a Multilingual project which started working in 2006. It is aimed at classifying data and facilitating information approach based on a new method of data entry in which information is understandable for both machine and human. Indeed, BasisCore provides your website with a particular structure based on your business vocabulary. Applying this structure will increase your website visibility and enable any requester (not only search engine crawlers) to easily access your data.

BasisCore provides you

as a business owner with unique structure of presenting your data which causes you not tolose even one user.

as a common user with super high speed and advanced search, and it lets you get what you exactly need in your every day use.

as a data provider with the accessibility to ocean of classified information which you can use as a reliable and inclusive resource to connect end users to business owners and make money.

Why basisCore?

Regarding the increasing significance of semantic web, several projects such as, RDFa, Microformat and etc have started working. These projects are mainly governed by giant companies such as Google and yahoo and they are not practical enough for non English written websites. BasisCore is an outstanding project specifically designed for websites in any languages.

How does BasisCore work?

After filling the request form and determining your field, you will receive a specialized structure (schemas) by applying it and after registering your URL in BasisCore, all your data will be saved in the first and the most comprehensive multi language database. By joining to BasisCore you will make it richer and in return your website visibility will increase without paying any fee. BasisCore is compatible with any kind of coding? graphic design and interface, so there is no need to make any changes in your website. If your field is not included in BasisCore, inform us to create it as soon as possible. Adding new fields and also extending its vocabulary is inevitable since BasisCore is purposed to be inclusive, precise and up-to-date, so you will get informed about any changes.

Terms and Conditions

BasisCore is licensed under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License , so anyone allowed to freely use BasisCore. By joining BasisCore, you will have to change it on your website without having to make any changes, and should refer to it as the inventor of this structure.