Alkyd paint

Property Description
color group silver red white black pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown golden gray
Gloss Shiny semi gloss Snowy
Number of components
Dry heat resistance
wet heat resistance
Finish flatbed Semi Flat
Volume Solids (%)
Weight solids (%)
Theoretical coverage
Flash Point
Specific gravity
useful life
Weight Mixed ratio
Volume Mixed ratio
Pot life
Compressive strength
impact resistance
Tensile strength
application Method Airless Roller brush Spray
Thinner (%)
Curing temperature
Curing time
Thermal resistance
recommended dry film thickness
recommended wet film thickness
Dry time - to touch
Hard dry
dry time - to cure
minimum dry time - to recoat
maximum dry time - to recoat
curing type Evaporation solvent Chemical reaction
Surface temperature
sag resistance
condensing humidity resistance
ambient temperature
Pigment content (%)
Resin content (%)
Solvent content (%)
Additive content (%)
filler content (%)
Shelf life
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Application of Alkyd paint Cement surfaces Metal surfaces Concrete surfaces Plastic Surfaces Polymer Surfaces Galvanized surfaces Stainless steel surfaces
Features Resistant to temperature changes Resistant to pressure changes Resistance to weather conditions Resistance to hardness Increase strength of concrete High resistance to ultraviolet radiation Quick drying Easy to use Solvent resistance Appropriate covering power Resistance of industrial gases Resistance to mechanical actions Resistant to industrial environments Resistance to chemicals Resistance to moisture Resistance to alkaline conditions High adhesion Flexibility Flexibility High heat resistance High impact resistance Sunlight Resistant Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistant Water Penetration Resistance Scratch Resistance electrical insulation
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