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Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you. It is undeniable that there are a large number of non-English speaking users who are from different cultures, societies and regions and they may look for definite keywords in their own languages. So there should be a standard database in each language to meet needs of those languages’ users. On the other hand, there are definitely a lot of users who search for specific information, product, photo, place and etc regardless of the language a web is written in.

Unfortunately all projects based on semantic web concept such as schema, are currently available in English and they can only be used for websites written in English, although their governors have claimed to extend their work to other languages, this plan is too time consuming and it does not seem to be realizable soon. In addition, most of web directories only accept English websites and even if you can register your non-English web, it may appear in undecipherable format. This unfair contest between English and non-English websites has caused the later to be underestimated, in spite of the fact that some of them are really rich and specialized.

BasisCore is a unique Multilingual project aimed at supporting all languages. It’s the first database providing you with your business vocabulary in any languages you wish. Let us use an example to clarify the profit of BasisCore's Multilingual aspect: Imagine you have a Russian written web about hotel. Your web will be shown if only a user searches for " ?t?? ". so when someone is looking for an extensive source of all hotels all over the word, he can not see your website. But by joining to BasisCore and applying its structure (schemas) to your web, it will be identified as a website including "hotel content" to all data engines therefore you become visible to any requester who searches for "hotel content".

If your desirable language is not included in our source, you do not need to wait for us to add it gradually and in long time. Feel free to ask us to include it as soon as possible.

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What is your dream? Having a user-friendly website which always stays on top lists of search engines?

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It seems that there is a fishy policy, directed by major search companies to restrict structured data to exclusive language and as a result users are forced to use what these companies have decided to be used!

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Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you.


Almost all current semantic projects have concentrated on limited keywords which are the highest searched keywords on search engines.