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how to start using BasisCore

Whether you are aiming at indexing all Chinese restaurants throughout Europe in an advanced search application for Android or you are collecting industrial information of cast iron factories to incorporate in an industry database, you need BasisCore as a data provider.

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You need more about basisCore? We can provide you with Comprehensive info. You can find out how basis core work or even become a basiscore developer. .

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What is your dream? Having a user-friendly website which always stays on top lists of search engines?

what we do?

It seems that there is a fishy policy, directed by major search companies to restrict structured data to exclusive language and as a result users are forced to use what these companies have decided to be used!

any language

Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you.


Almost all current semantic projects have concentrated on limited keywords which are the highest searched keywords on search engines.