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As a business owner with unique structure of presenting your data which causes you not to lose even one user.

As a common user with super high speed and advanced search, and it lets you get what you exactly need in your every day use.

As a data provider with the accessibility to ocean of classified information which you can use as a reliable and inclusive resource to connect end users to business owners and make money.

Welcome to ...
the first free multi lingual database! join us to get the most influential business vocabulary and keep pace with your strongest competitors and boost up your website traffic.
This is an infrastructural world web ontology project which is financially supported by Manzoomeh Negaran R&D department, and has a good progress so far. Broadly speaking schema project is based on defining every single object in the world properties to make it possible for data engineers, interface designers and software developers to integrate their data and reference their objects attributes. The most important use of schema is semantic web. Today with search engines union for changing the web content design.
We are honored to introduce our extensible data ware house of all encyclopedias objects. our Database is always and in every moment being updated and completed by people who are our customers, researchers or just interested in our huge project. Many branches are completed so far like services, products, places… and some of them are in the beginning phase. We listed detailed Explanation below.
- Products (Iran)/Persian
- Companies (Iran)/Persian
- Services (Iran)/Persian
- People and celebrities (Iran)/Persian
- Hotels (world) / 16 languages
- Countries, cites, airports, airlines (world) / 16 languages
What makes this databank unique is its flexibility, scalability and schema Implement ability.

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What is your dream? Having a user-friendly website which always stays on top lists of search engines?

what we do?

It seems that there is a fishy policy, directed by major search companies to restrict structured data to exclusive language and as a result users are forced to use what these companies have decided to be used!

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Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you.


Almost all current semantic projects have concentrated on limited keywords which are the highest searched keywords on search engines.