A trampoline is an elevated, essentially buoyant webbed bed or canvas sheet supported by springs or elastic shock cords. It is surrounded by a metal frame and used as a springboard for tumbling. The trampoline is used in the sport of trampolining (sometimes called rebound tumbling). In the sport, the trampoline is used to rebound the athlete, so he or she can perform acrobatic movements in midair. The trampoline is also a training tool for gymnasts, divers, and pole vaulters. Tumbling and acrobatic moves have existed for centuries. Humans have tried to get in the air in many ways. One of the first ways was the springboard. The springboard allowed the performer to leap high with little effort and do acrobatic stunts. Another device used to get airborne was called "the leaps." It was made of a resilient, rather narrow wood plank supported at both ends by blocks that kept the plank off the floor. Court jesters in the Middle Ages jumped on it when they performed at court. Circus lore has it that a Frenchman, named du Trampoline, helped develop the basics of the trampoline as we know it. For years, circus performers had used a net under the trapeze so they could rebound. By developing a system of spring suspensions, the Frenchman, a former trapeze artist, moved trampoline development forward. He adapted safety nets and experimented with spring suspension systems to make the earliest form of the trampoline. Trampolines are made of four basic components: the tubing, springs, jumping mat, and safety pads. The tubing, used to make the frame and legs of the trampoline, is usually made of galvanized steel and is bought at a certain length and width from a supplier. Using galvanized steel protects the frame from rust and environmental conditions as many home trampolines are for outside use. The springs, which give the trampoline its bounce, are commonly made to the specifications of the trampoline company by another supplier. Usually, the company making the springs specializes in spring manufacture. The jumping mats are made of woven fibers. Today, mats are made of artificial fibers like polyethylene or nylon. The heavily woven fabric is WV-protected to prevent fading when used out of doors. Safety pads go over the springs and frame and are made of foam. They have vinyl covers and pie straps to connect the pads to the frame. The manufacture of the foam core of the safety pads is also outsourced and made to manufacturer specifications.
Property Description
Specifications trampoline
trampoline name
trampoline brand
trampoline model
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
Frame Color
Leg Color
Jump Surface Color
safety Pad Color
Enclosure Color
Safety Pole Color
trampoline Shape
Leg Shape U Shape W Shape straight
handle shape U-shape T-shape
Frame Material metal Steel stainless steel Galvanized steel Aluminium Iron Plastic
Leg Material metal Steel stainless steel Galvanized steel Aluminium Iron Plastic
Jumping mat (Surface) Material Polyethylene PVC polypropylene polyester
safety pad Material Polyethylene PVC polypropylene Sponge polyester
Enclosure material Polyethylene PVC polypropylene polyester
Enclosure Closure Type Zipper Closure Clip Closure Buckle Closure
Number of Enclosure Entrances
Number of Safety Poles
Number of Legs
Spring Count
Legs height (cm)
trampoline Diameter (cm)
Assembled Dimensions (cm)
Frame Tube size (mm)
jumping mat size (cm)
mat thickness (mm)
Safety Pad Thickness (mm)
Safety Pad Width (mm)
Enclosure Height (cm)
Handle height (cm)
Handrail height (cm)
Spring Size (mm)
User Capacity
Maximum user weight (kg)
Weight (Kg)
Age group
display type LED LCD
display size (inch)
Display Feedback workout time jumps per minute number of jumps calories burned Calories per burned per minute Calories Burn Rate per Hour heart rate (puls) Calender Clock METs fat analyzers Thermometer BMI (body Mass Index)
Properties fade resistant UV resistant Weatherproof Waterproof Mildew Resistant Scratch Resistant Rust Resistant Warp Resistant Stain Resistant Eco-friendly Jump Power Lightweight portable Designed for indoor use Foldable Designed for outdoor use Dual closure system easy storage Half folding frame Assembly required Quick and easy assembly
Features with Net Enclosure with Safety Pad with Mat Springs with Legs with frame Detachable Legs with T-hook cushioned Two fastening knobs with Handrail Handrail height adjustable Padded Enclosure System No-Gap Enclosure Rubber Feet Handlebar Included handlebar adjustable Foam padded handlebars top flex pole enclosure system Padded Safety Poles Electronic monitor with 2 elastic cords (Stretch Bands) adjustable tension cords Safety pad covers
accessories Ladder Shoes Bag Cover Anchor Kit Basic DVD Instruction Manual
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