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The Chatter Telephone is a pull toy for toddlers 12 to 36 months of age. Introduced in 1962 by the Fisher-Price company as the "Talk Back Phone" for infants and children, the Chatter Telephone is a roll along pull toy. It has a smiling face, and when the toy is pulled, it makes a chattering sound and the eyes move up and down. The toy has a rotary dial that rings a bell, and was conceived as a way to teach children how to dial a phone. The original version was made of wood, with a polyethylene receiver and cord. In 2000, Fisher-Price changed the rotary dial for a push-button version with lights in an effort to modernize the toy, but consumers complained and the rotary version returned to the market the following year.[4] The Chatter Telephone was designed by Ernest Thornell, whose daughter Tina would drag around a metal phone while playing. This gave him the idea of adding wheels, which with a bent axle permitted the movement of eyes, adding to the "whimsical" nature, that Herman Fisher desired of all Fisher-Price toys (from phone conversation with Ernie Thornell and recollections of Herm Fisher by John Smith). From its introduction through the 1970s, the Chatter Telephone was Fisher-Price's best selling product. It has been cited as one of the company's offerings that helped save Fisher Price in the 1990s following a failed attempt to market toys for older children in the late 1980s,[7] and enjoys continuing popularity.[8] It is available both as an authentic reproduction[9] and in a modern form.
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Specifications toy phone
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Phone Type Wired Phones cordless phone mobile phone
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
material Plastic ABS PVC Polyamide polyester Polypropylene Polycarbonate
Suitable for boys girls
functions light Light dances Voice recorder talking story play Ring play Music play basic answer and question Playback
Display Type LED LCD
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Number of Ringtones
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Number of lights
lights Colors
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Count Phone Number can be stored
learning and teaching Items
Number of battery
Battery Size AA AAA AAAA C D N A23 CR-V3 CR2032 LR44 transistor
Battery Type Lithium battery Alkaline battery Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions (cm)
Weight (gr)
Features smart phone Touch screen 3D screen Musical 2 way sliding phone With a app to home number save With a pretend calendar, clock and weather With Yarn for Draggable Press the number buttons to hear a tone Educational Numbers 0-9 Waterproof Soft textured buttons Easy grab handle Flashing lights On/off switch Rechargeable with Micro USB cord phonebook Battery Operated LED lights micro-USB port Plays the alphabet song adjusts for vertical or horizontal play BPA-free Phthalate-free Lead free non-toxic environmentally friendly
Packing includes Battery USB cord
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