sports hall equipment project

The space requirements in sports halls should relate to the level of play categories for the particular activities. Generally, the higher the level of play, the more space that is required for the safety zones and other margins around the playing area. For many competition events, an extra zone is also required for team benches and officials’ tables. An additional security zone between teams and spectators may also be required for major events. Adding these margins around the playing area produces the critical overall space – i.e. the minimum safe area for a particular level of play. For some sports such as Badminton 5, Volleyball and trampoline the clear internal height above the court to any downward projection such as light fittings, roof mounted equipment and tracking for netting is also important. Levels of play can be generally categorised as International, Premier, Club and Community 6 and an overview of what can be accommodated in various sizes of hall . Adjustments to the nominal sizes of sports halls may also be required for a number of business and programing reasons. In addition, there may be a range of technical issues in the detailed design and construction processes. Badminton is often the sport which has the most influence over the design of sports halls. It is frequently a popular activity and has a convenient space requirement for adopting a modular approach to the sizing of halls. It can also influence a number of building elements such as the roof structure, lighting, background colors and air velocities . A hall based on a 4 badminton court module can be successfully designed to accommodate a range of sports, but careful attention should be given to the proposed level of play category for each sport, the critical dimensions for the ‘principal playing area’ and ‘run off’ spaces and the choice of sports floor. The Sport England publication ‘Developing the Right Sports Hall’ sets out a 7 step process that includes decisions about establishing which sports are considered as ‘priority’ and ‘secondary’ within a hall. In multi-sports projects, the individual spatial requirements of sports such as netball, handball, hockey and korfball that exceed the minimum requirements for 4 badminton courts are critical - extra space will be required both on the width and the length .