In the field of transportation , a conex or container is a metal box parallelepiped designed for the transport of goods by various modes of transport .
Property Description
Specifications conex
Conex Name
Conex Model
Conex Brand
application shower room toilet Bike Station Villa office Telephonic Newsstand Shop Proletarian Sentry box accomodation Hospital red cross butler pantry Praying room Workshop police and disciplinary room dormitory Hall field Restaurant Management Industrial telecommunication Educational Broadcasting Sentry Turret
number of Conexes
Conex type Wheeled Fixed
Number of Floors Single Floor Double Floors triple Floors
foundation material iron galvanised steel steel
Frame material heavy profile Metal (Carbon steel) Steel
door material Aluminium Iron Wood single walled UPVC double walled UPVC Sandwich panel Steel
window frame material Iron Wood single walled UPVC double walled UPVC Aluminium PVC plastic steel
Floor material Wood ERW profile plywood panel PVC fiberglass MDF Mosaic sandwich panel
Flooring material PVC Aluminium Linoleum plywood laminate wood floor
ceiling material ERW profile Galvanized sheet sandwich panel fiberglass PVC Panels MDF
wall material Cement Galvanized sheet profil ERW sandwich panel fiberglass PVC Panels rough glass simple glass reflective glass
Exterior facade fiberglass PVC Composite Rock Galvanized Aluminium Sandwich Panel natural wood Concrete
interior facade PVC MDF   Composite Aluminum Steel Sheets
Roof material steel sheet tegular Sandwich Panels wood Tar layer
Body and ceiling insulation Polystyrene Polyurethane rock wool glass wool EPS Polyethylene mineral wool fire proof condensed polystyrene
door insulation  honeycomb paper Mineral Wool Polyurethane
surface finish oil paint Zinc Coated Electrophoresis Anodised  Electrostatic powder  Epoxy  Polyester Powder  polyurathane  Acrylic PVC vinyl MDF galvanised Melamine Board ABS
wall thickness (CM)
door dimensions (Cm)
number of glass sheets single glazed double glazed triple glazed
number of windows
window dimensions (Cm)
Conex dimensions (m)
ambient temperature ( C)
weight (kg)
wall permitted live loading (KN/m2)
ceiling permitted live loading (KN/m2)
wall coefficient of thermal conductivity (w/mk)
ceiling coefficient of thermal conductivity (w/m2k)
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
Conex Color
Features Anti-theft Waterproof Sound insulation anti rust anti dust Corrosion resistant anti earthquakes hurricane protection Fluorescent Lighting Emergency lighting system Automatic fire alarm system Phone Fridge Kitchen Bath antenna Alarm monitoring System the Ability to install the Smoke detector the Ability to install electrical enclosure the Ability to install Cooler the Ability to install blinds the Ability to install Fire Extinguisher First-aid kit Spotlight toilet basin the Ability to install cabinet the Ability to install sink the Ability to install Heater the Ability to install water heater the Ability to install guard for widows and door the Ability to install air conditioner shower base Hook skylight Spare tire Washable walls Electricity wiring telephone wiring With a strong folding stand squat toilet wheels with automatic brakes
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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