Airplane is an aircraft equipped with wings rigid, flat and usually fixed that, impelled by one or more motors, is capable of taking off and landing on runways rigid and fly in the terrestrial atmosphere under the control of one or more pilots .
Property Description
Specifications Plane
airliner name
manufacturer COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Airbus Let Kunovice ATR Ilyushin Sukhoi Tupolev Yakovlev Antonov bombardier boeing EMBRAER
airliner model C919 ARJ21 c929 c939 Xian MA60 Xian MA600 Xian MA700 MRJ70 MRJ90 A300 A310 A318 A319 A320 A321 A330 A340 A350 A380 Let L-200 Morava Let L-410 Turbolet Let L-610 LET C-11 ATR 42–200 ATR 42–300 ATR 42–320 ATR 42–400 ATR 42–500 ATR 42–600 ATR 72–100 ATR 72–101 ATR 72–102 ATR 72–200 ATR 72–201 ATR 72–202 ATR 72–210 ATR 72–211 ATR 72–212 ATR 72–500 ATR 72-212A ATR 72–600 Il-14 Il-14P  Il-14M Avia 14 / 14P Avia 14-32  Avia 14-42  Avia 14FG  Y-6  Il-18 Il-18A Avia 14 Super  Il-18B Il-18 Combi Il-18D Il-18D Pomor Il-18D Salon VIP version of the Il-18D Il-18E Il-18E Salon Il-18V Il-18V Salon Il-62  Il-62M  Il-62MK  Il-96-300 Il-96M Il-96-400 Il-114 Il-114-100 Il-114-120 АН-148-100Е 747-400 Sukhoi Superjet 100/75 Sukhoi Superjet 100/95 Tu-204СМ Tu-204-100Е/100В Tu-204-300 Tu-214 Tu-204-100С Tu-204-120СЕ Tu-154 Tu-134 Tu-334 Yak-40 Yak-42 Yak-42ML Yak-42D Yak-42M Yak-242 AN−38 AN−74TK−300 AN−74 AN−140 АН-148-100А АН-148-100В AN−158 single-class AN−158 two-class CS100 CS300 CRJ700 NextGen CRJ900 NextGen CRJ1000 NextGen Q400 NextGen 737-100 737-200 737-300 737-400 737-500 737-600 737-700 737-700C 737-700ER 737-800 737-900ER 747SR 747-100B 747SP 747-8 747-400ER 747-300 747-200 747-100 767-200 767-300 767-300F 767-200ER 767-300ER 767-400ER 777-300 777-200LR Worldliner 777-300ER 777-200 777-200ER KC-777 777-8X 777-9X 787-8 Dreamliner 787-9 Dreamliner 707 717 727 757 DC-8 DC-9 787-10 Dreamliner 748 Dreamlifter MD-11 MD-80 MD-90 ERJ135 ERJ140 ERJ145 ERJ145XR E170 E175 E190 E195 E175-E2 E190-E2 E195-E2
Cockpit crew
number of engines 2 3 4
avionics Panasonic Avionics Corporation Honeywell Rockwell Collins, , , Garmin, , and Thales Group GE Aviation Systems Garmin Parker Hannifin UTC Aerospace Systems Avidyne Corporation
cruising speed
Maximum speed
Maximum range
service ceiling
rate of climb
numbers orded
numbers sold
cabin height
cabin width
cabin length
exterior length
Tail Height
Wing area
Wing sweepback
Fuselage width
Cargo capacity
maximum take off weight
maximum payload
maximum landing weight
maximum zero fuel weight
operating empty weight
fuel tank capacity
fuel economy
minimum take off distance
minimum landing distance
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