high low pulley machine

The High Low Pulley Machine is a versatile cable unit that exercises hamstrings, glutes, hips, thighs, biceps, and tricep muscles. With a combination of swivelling top and bottom pulleys and a variety of interchangeable handle attachments with 100kg weightstack. Every little thing about the cable column will make people talk. The compact footprint and free-standing style make location a no-brainer… any location works. The Cable Column operates at a 2:1 pull ratio for decreased inertia. The multi-function concept gives you many exercise options. The handles even rotate for different range-of-motion requirements. Features at every turn and a few sets will confirm that the Cable Column feels as impressive as it looks. NOTE: This machine features 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack. Supplied with 150-pound weight stack. 200-pound and 250-pound weight stack upgrades are available.
Property Description
Specifications high low pulley machine
high low pulley machine name
high low pulley machine brand
high low pulley machine model
Color Group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
frame color
frame material metal Steel stainless steel aluminum Iron
machine type Single Adjustable Pulley Dual adjustable pulley
Number of exercises cable 1 cable 2 cable
cable Material
Cable diameter
Cable lenght (cm)
Strength cable
Number of handle adjustable positions
Pulley material
Pulley size (mm)
Weight Pins
weight stack Material Steel cast iron vinyl
Weight Stack
Maximum User Weight (kg)
tube type
body tube dimensions (mm)
body tube thickness (mm)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Muscles Worked
features rust resistance protection systems Dual Axis Technology Multiple handgrips Light weight ergonomic design electrostatic powder coating Easy to install High-strength and high-precision cable Lubricated cables Lock N Load® weight selection system Rubber feet Pullies with double ball bearing flexible cables Compact Design Guards and Pulleys Covers Two layers coating Ergonomic grips Towel Holder Bottle Holder Accessories Holder Easy To Use Multipurpose equipment Adjustable feet for maximum stability free motion 360° Rotating pulley wheel for resistance in different directions Quick release carabiners Multiple Position pulley Adjustable cable column Adjustable Pulleys
guarantee Yes No
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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