Industrial Computer Case

The container is responsible to accept the majority of the components of a computer of which the main ones are the motherboard , the CPU , the power supply , module memory primary and the mass memory Eventually other boards in charge of ancillary or complementary functions.
Property Description
Specifications Industrial Computer Case
Industrial Computer Case name
Industrial Computer Case brand
Industrial Computer Case series
Industrial Computer Case model
design and engineering
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
body Material metal Aluminum steel Plastic
Case Type Vertical Horizontal Rackmount
Interface COM USB Serial Parallel Ethernet WiFi bluetooth Vehicle Power
Front Panel USB port IEEE port Audio Interfaces On/Off Switch Reset Switch Power On/Off LED HDD LED Keyboard connector Keyboard Locks network cutout Adapter DTS HDD SATA e-SATA IDE
Rear Panel Cooling fan On/Off Switch Reset Switch Keyboard network cutout Adapter USB port COM VGA PRT DTS HDD SATA e-SATA IDE
Side panel Cooling fan
number of slots
number of Expansion Slots
card retiner
Drive Internal External
FDD Quantity
Form Factor
PCI adapter card
PCI adapter card Quantity
Cooling Fan System
Switch Power on/off Power on/off with protection cap System reset
Indicator Power on/off Temperature Status Fan Status HDD Action
PSU signal module alarm beep reset PSU fault alarm reset
Operating Temperature Range (°C)
Storage Temperature Range (°C)
Operating Humidity (%RH)
Storage Humidity (%RH)
Environment Operating Temperature Range (°C)
Environment Storage Temperature Range (°C)
Environment Relative Humidity (%RH)
Environment Vibration
Efficiency (%)
Power (w) Input Power Output power
Voltage (v) input voltage Output voltage
Current (amp) input current Output Current
Frequency (Hz) Input Frequency Output frequency
sufficient power source
Over Voltage Protection
Over Power/Load Protection
Holdup Time
Power supply Dimension (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
Features Cooling tunnel design for expiring heat generated by CPU Power cable routed beneath the cooling tunnel to avoid disturbance of air path Cable harness included up to 2 fans for moist/heat removal With Fan With CD-ROM no noise Two PCI expansion slots for adding more functions to the system With Power Supply Expansion Slots Powerful compatibility and expansibility Low-power consumption Mini IPC Case stable structure Lockable front door Using EMI design to prevent electromagnetic radiation interference Air Filter Speaker high speed fans Easy cleaning Card cage structure Install PICMG and add-on cards more easily Provide better security Easy to operate the system with mobile rack internal replaceable air filter with aluminum front panel LED Indicators WiFi Antenna Mounting
accessories Basic Assembly Instruction Mounting Kit AC Adaptor Power Cord USB Cable
after sales service Warranty guarantee
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
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