Hair Care

Every week it seems there are new products on the market for your hair. Fortunately, it seems that many of the companies creating these products are getting smarter. They are making the products easier to select by coding them to specific problems. But what about choosing a product in more general terms? How do you know you need a styling gel as opposed to mousse? When do you use shine enhancers or serums? Let’s look at the product categories, define their usage and learn how to choose hair products. The thing most people get confused over with regard to shampoo is how often you should change your shampoo – and why. The answer is fairly simple: Shampoos are formulated to be more alkaline than hair and skin; it’s the alkalinity that enables the shampoo to cleanse the hair. Usually, the shampoo also contains other ingredients to condition the hair or smooth the cuticle layer and make the hair softer or shinier. pomade was originally made from mineral oil and was used to groom hair and impart shine. Today many types of pomade have a water base for easier distribution and removal. Water-based pomade is one of my favorite products, says Pirkko. It's softer, it's not greasy, and it gives the hair definition and smoothness. Pomade is creamier than wax, so it may be the way to go if you have curly or thick hair. Serum Also called gloss, polish or smoothing fluid, it has a slick consistency and is used to reduce frizz and impart silkiness and sheen with silicone and various oils. Machen leans toward using serum on long, curly or brittle hairits coating mechanism can soften the hair. For a quick shine fix, put a few drops on wet shampooed hair and then rinse it out.