Grass Combing Machine

Artificial grass is not 100% maintenance free as a lot of people believe. Whilst as a product there is no need for watering or mowing like traditional lawns, there is some upkeep required to make sure it stays in good condition. Just like any traditional home carpet or, in this case garden carpet, you will still need to care for your artificial grass on a regular basis i.e. cleaning and maintaining it. When artificial grass lawns are rolled out for the first time and newly laid they have a flat/crushed appearance, this due to the fact they have yet to relax and be brushed up. If your Artificial Lawn is installed by a professional Artificial Grass company, your grass is generally brushed up with the use of a high powered industrial petrol driven hand held power brush. These petrol power brushes are heavy, cumbersome along with being very expensive. Although they perform the same service they are not specifically designed for artificial grass and can possibly damage the spine of the grass making it less resilient to standing upright. There are several other ways to brush up your artificial grass pile, first of all you can brush up the grass the old traditional way, by using a medium soft bristle brush/broom. By manually brushing with a medium soft bristle broom, although this will help keep the pile upright and debris free, this can prove to be rather hard work and straining. By incorporating a double drum nylon brush system, this ensures the fibres of your grass are lifted perfectly and does not damage the spine of the artificial grass in any way during the rotation of the drum. With Artificial grass that has been laid for a period of time, with constant usage and heavy foot traffic the pile can tend to crush and lay flat. After the initial period of installation and the first power brushing, for the rest of the lawn’s life, you will only ever need to use the “AGM Electric Power Brush” on your Fake Grass to give it a spruce or clean up. Brushing it just once or twice a month is ideal for average used lawns, or more regularly if heavy usage.
Property Description
Specifications Grass Combing Machine
Grass Combing Machine name
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
body Color
body material ABS pu plastic metal Steel Aluminium Iron
Drive Power Source Ride-on Walk behind Self-propelled
Power Source Engine Battery Electricity
Engine power HP kw w
Engine model
fuel type
Fuel tank capacity (ltr)
Number of brushes
Combing speed kph mph m/min k/min
rated speed (rpm)
Combing width (cm)
Capability of brush(m2/h)
Controls Hand operated Foot operated forward and reverse Start and stop the engine view distance
Number of Batteries
Battery size AA AAA AAAA C D N 9 Volt A23 6F22 CR-V3 CR2032 LR44 transistor
Battery Type Alkaline Lithium Lithium-Ion Li-Ion polymer nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hybrid Alkaline Lithium Lithium-Ion Li-Ion polymer nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hybrid
Battery voltage (v)
Charger type
Charger voltage (v)
Usage time (hr)
Number of Tire/wheel
Front wheel diameter (cm)
Rear Wheel Diameter (cm)
Voltage (V)
Cable length (m)
Maximum height from the ground (mm)
dimensions (cm)
Loading weigth (kg)
weight (kg)
properties Washable BPA Free Easy installation Fixed color rust resistant Weatherproof Ergonomic design High efficiency engine easy trun in any direction Easy Cleanup
Features Hand parking brake Swivel front wheel Running light with bumpers Electric start for easy operation Rechargeable Battery cooling system device Smart control with digital indicator Hose reel with Remote control engine with low oil alert with lock Adjustable Height of machine Adjustable Height of brush Rotating brushes Wheel for easy carrying
accessories guidance booklet Installation Tool
guarantee yes no
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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