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benefits for common users

To find a professional domestic cleaning company to have your messy room tidied or to know the worst dressed celebs on the red carpet, any reason for which you are surfing web, BasisCore is your magic wand as a common user to get whatever you are looking for as soon as possible.

Common user is anyone who searches on web for definite information to meet his daily needs. Common users are end users of information, being offered on web and main target audience of business owners and data providers.

BasisCore's benefits for you as a common user:
It provides you with the most advanced search you have never experienced before since you can limit your search to meticulous properties such as price, place, size, data and etc. Even it offers you a precise list of practical properties for which you should search to get relevant results about your desirable subject
It provides you with the most accurate information which exactly meets your needs and helps you to get rid of irrelevant results because all data being saved in BasisCore, follows standard and universal schemas and they are classified.
BasisCore has been localized for different regions so it includes comprehensive data meeting needs of users from any cultures and societies.
It has been designed to be multilingual and support all languages and it is not restricted to English only. In addition it breaks language limitation and let you communicate with suppliers from all around the world.


What is your dream? Having a user-friendly website which always stays on top lists of search engines?

what we do?

It seems that there is a fishy policy, directed by major search companies to restrict structured data to exclusive language and as a result users are forced to use what these companies have decided to be used!

any language

Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you.


Almost all current semantic projects have concentrated on limited keywords which are the highest searched keywords on search engines.