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Benefits for business owners

No matter if you are a hotel owner, trying to draw customers to your cozy hotel by representing it on a website or you are a chair of a news agency for which attracting visitors to your official website is vital, BasisCore knows you as a business owner.

According to BasisCore definition, a business owner is anyone who has a website and he is willing to offer specific information to end users via web in order to make profit or attract users. This definition covers producers and distributers of various goods, service providers and any other information suppliers. So if you are into utilizing the maximum capacity of web to represent your own business join BasisCore right now.

BasisCore's benefits for you as a business owner:
BasisCore classifies your data with standard and simple schema to be understandable both for human and machine.
It gives you your business keywords and causes you not to use ambiguous vocabulary as keywords.
Following predetermined structure for presenting your data incredibly increases users' accessibility to your website and enables them to easily find you.
It converts time consuming and complicated process of data entry to simple and practical one which can be done in a very short time.
Your information will be added to a huge database just by a click and your business will be shown corresponding to your competitors' so your end users (costumers) can compare you with others.
You are not supposed to spend vast amount of money to register your website in famous portals to get back links in order to increase your site visibility.
Your page rank in yahoo or Google is not important any more since finding you is not dependent on keywords being surfed by search engineIf your desirable language is not included in our source, you do not need to wait for us to add it gradually and in long time. Feel free to ask us to include it as soon as possible.


What is your dream? Having a user-friendly website which always stays on top lists of search engines?

what we do?

It seems that there is a fishy policy, directed by major search companies to restrict structured data to exclusive language and as a result users are forced to use what these companies have decided to be used!

any language

Targeting at local users or having visitors universally on your website? Whatever your aim is, language limitation is a barrier in front of you.


Almost all current semantic projects have concentrated on limited keywords which are the highest searched keywords on search engines.