Property Description
Specifications shop
shop name
exact area (m2)
approximate Area (m2) up to 50 50 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to 400 400 to 500 500 to 600 600 to 700 more than 700
building area (m2) up to 50 50 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to 400 400 to 500 500 to 600 600 to 700 more than 700
Postal Code
Postal address
title Type without title Personal document Residential document endowment document Paramount title Official Industrial Commercial written promise Government Government Government Joint Goodwill Ongoing power of attorney divided
Number of store floors
Floor number
store number
Number of entrances
Shop frontage Brick Aluminum Ceramic Stone Cement Glass Granite Composite plaster Bayramyx Natural wood Wood plastic
structure Type metal structure Concrete structure Lightweight Steel Frames (LSF) ICF Wood Semi metallic
shop state vacant owner occupied tenant occupied
built date (year)
shop apparent state new built Renovated Old Timeworn
Number of rooms
Bathrooms without toilet squat toilet toilet
number of phone lines
Flooring type HDF Parquet Stone Ceramic Cement Glass Granite Laminate Mosaic Carpet Tile PVC
wall covering Wallpaper plaster paint MDF HDF PVC Sticker Composite stone Wood Laminate patina Tile Glass Tile Stainless Steel Tile‬‎ Brick
ceiling false ceiling wood patina Glass Tile Gypsum Tile styrofoam aluminum tile styrofoam tile copper tile glass
cooling system Type Water Cooler air conditioner Chiller Minichillers Package Ceiling Fan Fan Coil
heating system type Radiators Heaters Spa now Package Unit Heater Jet Heater Fireplace Fan Coil
Number of Parking spaces
Number of warehouse
warehouse area (m2)
The number of main path sides of store
main path side of store Length (m)
main path side of store Height (m)
Passage width (m)
land related portion
license type
current function
recommended function
facilities Water electricity Gas Three phase power Emergency power Showcase Shelving Fitting room Internet Alarm Surveillance cameras safe anti theft door tempered glass Bulletproof glass Escalator fire Escape stairs Shutters Kitchen disabled access facilities Separate entrance Separate door cargo Lift fire extinguisher systems Fire alarm system Remote control door cold storage garbage chute Parking spaces
conditions Loan practical completion certificate Earthquake Insurance Fire Insurance
location Bypass Inside mall Main Street Inside market bystreet Plaza Alley dead end
building function Residential official Commercial
Status Geographic North South East West
Number of lifts
roof covering type Tar paper Asphalt Shingles Mosaic
number of stores per floor
Total number of stores
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