sand art

Property Description
Specifications sand art
sand toy set name
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
Colors of sands
Suitable for girls boys
Total number of tools and pieces
Number of tools
number of molds
mold Forms
Number of players
pieces Material plastic rubber ABS PVC PP PS PE metal Polyester polymer
table Material plastic rubber ABS PVC PP PS PE
resists against water Humidity strike Scratch
Soil tank capacity (kg)
Water tank capacity (liters)
table dimensions (cm)
dimensions (cm)
table weight (g)
weight (g)
Features Shiny matte Unbreakable Fixed color anti allergy Washable Portable recyclable Learning numbers Learning Alphabets Introduction to geometric shapes Introduction to color Introduction to concepts of weight and capacity non toxic BPA Free eco-friendly ergonomic design Ability to print Logo covered by natural colors No harmful if swallowed Non Sticky to hand Reflective sands‎ antibacterial sands Ability to use both sides of the table table for Simultaneous use of water and sand Can be converted to a simple table
accessories Table Pack of sand Manual air pump Mat‎ Helmet‎ container to put mold flashlight Maquette‎ Canopy Detachable canopy Table cover protector Carry Bag guidance booklet
guarantee yes no
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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Age Range