napkin holder

The napkin holder is a utensil used to hold or store napkins . Napkin holders for paper napkins are placed on the table for diners to be served. Some have a rear spring that causes the napkin is always available to the front. Others have a superior exit through which the napkins are extracted.
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Specifications napkin holder
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color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
Material wood Oak Bamboo MDF Rattan Wicker Fabric Silk Linen Cotton Leather faux leather PU Leather Suede plastic thermoplastic ABS EVA Polyurethane Polypropylene Polyethylene Polyester PVC Acrylic plexiglass Resin Metal brass steel Copper Polyester resin stainless steel Stone Marble ceramic Porcelain Glass Crystal
Coating (finish) Type polished unpolished Mirror finish matte Gold plated silver plated Nickel plated Chrome plated Tin plated bronze plated antique Epoxy powder faux leather bamboo finish
Capacity (sheets)
Length (Depth) Millimeter centimeter Inch
Width Millimeter centimeter Inch
Height Millimeter centimeter Inch
Diameter Millimeter centimeter Inch
Weight (gr)
Features handmade Hand Woven Handpainted ہاتھ سے پینٹ Open Top Sleek machine wash hand wash Easy to clean Easy to empty and re-fill with base flap Eco-Friendly Magnet bottom cover With magnetic closure Non-Porous Non-Toxic can be wall mounted lockable access door Water Resistant Rust Resistant Shatter proof Antimicrobial Non-Slip Mildew Resistant Corrosion Resistant Anti-scratch Detachable Heat Resistant Recyclable Easy to fill Double faced-tape Wall mountable With sliding door Inlay Hammered patterned Plated Inlaid
guarantee Yes No
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
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