Property Description
Specifications light
name of light
model of light
brand of light
function of light spotlight floodlight frensel profile parcan birdie Strip lights Scoop lights chroma light follow spot PC
voltage (v)
current (A)
frequency (hz)
lamp SMD halogen metal halid CFl fluorescent incandescent
Power Consumption (w)
Beam angle (°)
Covered distance (m)
Data input/output
Led color white yellow RGB
life span (hr)
DMX channels
Efficiency ( lm/w )
Color temperature (K)
pan Scan (°)
tilt scan (°)
Largest pan rotating speed (s)
largest tilt rotating speed (s)
Precise scan (°)
Control Mode DMX Auto Master/Slave Sound-activate manual
Max. surface temperature (°C)
Lens diameter (mm)
reflector aliminium mirror steel
glass thickness (mm)
filter cut size (mm)
cable length (m)
Lamp holder
dimming curves
protection rating
dimension (mm)
weight (kg)
operating humidity (%)
operating temperature ( °C )
properties Frontal opening to easy access Soft beam halogen projector Aluminium and steel body Focus adjustment with sliding movement One screw for lamp replacement Electronic monitoring position error correction
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
features Tubolar steel yoke Reverse yoke for stand mounting Single side knob tilt-lock Pole operated for TILT-PAN Hinged frontal panel for easy lamp replacement with cooling fins Metal filter frame is included Variable beam projector, from spot to flood Two frontal slots for accessories Rear safety chain hook Controller reset function, with automatic switch Rear cold handle Color frame safety cable spring clip included
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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