fire extinguisher

Property Description
Specifications fire extinguisher
fire extinguisher name
Type capsule Manual wheeled
operation Mechanical electrical
Type Valve gate valve lever valve Blow valve
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
shape Cylinder Rounded Rectangle
Capacity (L)
Content WATER POWDER CARBON DIOXIDE FOAM HALOGENATED Volatile liquid Wet Dry Cartridge Operated Dry Chemical
Suitable for solids liquids gases Reactive metals Electrical equipment Oils
Body Material Aluminum Steel Aluminum and sodium bicarbonate
housing cover
Throwing power (m)
throw direction Horizontal Vertical
Procedure Dumping method Direct method
Powder output angle (degrees)
Depletion percentage
Discharge time (s)
Supply pressure
Operating pressure (bar)
Body test pressure (bar)
Approximate pressure bearing housings (bar)
Explosion pressure (bar)
Operating temperature (°C)
Maximum ambient air humidity
Type of water extinguisher Sodium acid Water and gas water and air
Type of gas extinguisher CO2 carbon dioxide extinguisher Halogenated extinguishing materials B.C.F Nitrogen
Type of powder extinguisher Chemical powder powder and gas Extinguisher
Expiration date (year)
Diameter (cm)
Height (cm)
Body Thickness (mm)
fill fire extinguisher weight (kg)
Empty fire extinguisher weight (kg)
features portable humidity resistant Lack of Fire reversibility in closed space Without destroying the computer system Rechargeable No need for periodic testing and hydrostatic of body No need for safety valve in the cylinder sprinkler No complications of asphyxia due to inhalation of discharged gas Without causing skin lesions Due to Contact discharged gas with the body Deployment and Installation in Least Space With manometer to display the pressure inside the capsule without stay Dirt and moisture after discharge capsule No reduction Oxygen In closed environments When gas discharge With safety valve for extinguisher Valve Extinguishing any Classes of fire Usable for local Extinguishing GSI Global Tracking System Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection Pressure gauge allows for immediate pressure status check Easy to pull safety pin Rust and impact resistant nylon handle ozone friendly
accessories Catalog Plastic base for wall mounting Plastic base for inside-car mounting
after sales service Warranty guarantee
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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