fax machine

Property Description
Specifications fax machine
fax machine name
fax machine brand
fax machine model
fax machine type Laser Thermal Inkjet
fax machine Modem Speed(kbps)
Transmission Speed (pps)
fax machine Resolution (dpi)
Paper Tray Capacity (sheet)
ADF Capacity (sheet)
display language Persian English Arabic France German Spanish Russian Chinese Turkish Georgian Armenian Azerbaijani Indonesian Thai Urdu Hindi
number of languages
Data Compression System MH MR MMR JBIG
fax machine memory capacity (MB)
Out of Paper Reception memory (paper)
phone book capacity
Speed Dial Stations
Message Recording Time (min)
paper Type plain thermal
Paper size A0 (81.1*118.9) A1 (59.4*84.1) A2 (42*59.4) A3 (29.7*42) A4 (21*29.7) A5 (14.8*21) A6 (10.5*14.8) A7 (7.4*10.5) A8 (5.2*7.4) B0 (100*141.4) B1 (70.7*100) B2 (50*70.7) B3 (35.3*50) B4 (25*35.3) B5 (17.6*25) B6 (12.5*17.6) B7 (8.8*12.5) B8 (6.2*8.8) C0 (91.7*129.7) C1 (64.8*91.7) C2 (45.8*64.8) C3 (32.4*45.8) C4 (22.9*32.4) C5 (16.2*22.9) C6 (11.4*16.2) C7 (8.1*11.4) C8 (5.7*8.1)
features Digital Duplex Speakerphone Digital Answering System Dual Access Redial Caller ID headset Port key lock low toner indicatore date and time display Connectivity to the PC via usb Error correction mode Junk Fax Prohibitor Delayed Transmission Journal Report TEL/TAD/FAX Switching Help Function Navigator Key broadcasting monitor speaker Manual Fax Forwarding Duplex Fax
Accessories phone cable Power cable Phone stand Usb cable CD Driver Installation Guide
Handset type corded cordless no headset
Power Supply
Power Consumption (w)
Body Material
Color Group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
fax machine Dimensions (cm)
fax machine Weight (kg)
after sales service guarantee warranty free shipping Installing Free
guarantee period Year Month Week Day hour
warranty period Year Month Week Day hour
guarantee Conditions
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