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cozy coupe car

cozy coupe car

Property Description
Specifications cozy coupe car
cozy coupe car name
cozy coupe car Brand
cozy coupe car Model
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
Suitable for boys girls
Frame material Plastic ABS PVC fiberglass Polyester Polycarbonate Polyamide Polypropylene Plexiglass Carbon fiber Polyethylene polymer
Tire Material plastic rubber EVA PVC
Number of battery
Battery Size AA AAA AAAA C D N A23 CR-V3 CR2032 LR44 SR44 transistor
Battery Type Lithium battery Alkaline battery Rechargeable Battery
assembly time (Minute)
Assembled dimensions(cm)
Disassembled Dimensions (cm)
seat dimensions (cm)
Wheel diameter (cm)
handle size (cm)
weight (kg)
Maximum child weight (kg)
Features drop-down tailgate removable floor board off road wheels Gas cap opens and closes steering wheel Opening and closing driver's door Steering wheel with working horn Assembly Required tail and headlight decals sliding footrest handle on back for parent control cup holder Designed with a high seat back Front wheels spin 360 degrees Storage Space ignition switch Requires batteries for horn Child seat belt light Effects sound Effects Push handle heights adjusts Easy-Riding Wheels Easy-access door Comfortable seat Horn and Engine sounds Telescoping parent assist handle Easy Assembly non-toxic Eco-Friendly
guarantee Yes No
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
thumbnail original
Thumbnail 1
Thumbnail 2
Thumbnail 3
Age Range