battery powered gun

The toy industry has a very wide variety of toy weapons on offer, from simplified and scaled replicas made of plastic, on faithful replicas, up to fully functional weapons. In several countries there are legal provisions under which the toys, for example by signal colors, have to be marked as such.
Property Description
Specifications battery powered gun
battery powered gun name
Suitable for girls boys
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
gun Type sprinkler launcher Shotguns hunting Sniper Machine gun Revolver pistol Air gun Cracker Electric Musical Rocket Darts mortar gun Laser tag Bubble blower
Beam Type Jelly Cloudy plastic Stickersheet Fiber foam Sponge
shooting yes no
Outside Body Material Plastic Metal Semi-metal Poly amid foam wood ABS PVC PP Polyethylene EVA Rubber Aluminum Zinc Brass iron silver tin stainless steel GPPS Glass Crystal cotton Plush fabric steel
Inner Body Material
Beam length (mm)
Beam diameter (mm)
Shooting speed (m/s)
Throwing power (m)
goal accuracy (m)
Battery Type Alkaline Lithium Lithium-Ion Li-Ion polymer nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hybrid
Number of Batteries
Battery size AA AAA AAAA C D N A23 CR-V3 CR2032 LR44 transistor
Battery voltage (V)
Battery Current (A)
Capacity (L)
Disc diameter (cm)
Photo sensor
lens Focus (cm)
Compatible Operating Systems Android ios Windows Linux Macintosh Tizen Symbian UIQ Bada BlackBerry MeeGo palm
Video playback speed (fps)
Video resolution (pixels)
Silencer yes no
Silencer Dimensions (mm)
dimensions (mm)
weight (g)
control mode
Features Ability to install Phone On gun Playback of music while pressing the trigger Ability to Reshaping to shooting beam Ability to install accessories Storage mortar to guns Ability to dart throwing Ability to save bullets with Light With sound The possibility of writing Message On Body darts and send The possibility of Clear message and compose a new message USB connection Control by computer Ability to auto-fill magazine Ability to volume control With camera Ability to print Logo With motion sensor Mirror Sight With bottle for dewatering Jelly Bulbs With base to increase precision targeting With glowing magazine volume setting after shoot Has two water outlet Power button (on/off button) with Laser Light flashing lights With infrared light for more accurate aiming Vibration alert with Signalized camera
accessories Protective glasses Binoculars glasses Binoculars Shooting Targets Gun base Lumbar sheath Plastic pins Plastic ball Bowling ball Mask Dolls Bottle of bubble soluble Orb of Sound waves transmitter Receiver of sound waves handsfree headphone walkie talkie Eavesdropping device Police badge wristband Sheriff badge flashlight Police Belt Plastic knobs bolt night vision camera Bracelets shoulder strap chronometer Step counter Usb for battery charge Decorative Bullet Belt Darts Disc Plastic Round Butterfly Plastic cones for fast filling Magazine light Sword Sword Marker headband Silencer Tripod chain Invisible pen Notes storage enclosure Clamp guide booklet
properties Easy and fast Replacement of firecrackers With plastic cover on the handle plastic rails on top of the gun rotating enclosure Flint mechanism lightweight Rotation beam at the time of shooting with tank with separable tank without sound handmade non-toxic Bolt mechanism with Two-way lever Different models of sprinkler Dual function to throw darts and discs Production with Diecast method With separate trigger for Increased acceleration loading and Fusillade of darts shoot button Prepare to drop-down method Ability to throw from both tubes With spotlight flexible beam Whistle beam In entire trajectory DC motor Eco friendly Closure around the wrist in the form of velcro Capability to launch empty cartridge cases Moveable Stock Deformation of another toy Ability to bubble Distribution Detachable magazines Ability to throw two types of bullets Capable of firing Without Replacement magazine Ability to Consecutive firing Ability to hide in pockets and bags horizontal and vertical mobility of Sniper pipes Rechargeable Battery
guarantee yes no
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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