Stepper machine

Property Description
Specifications Stepper machine
Stepper machine name
Stepper machine brand
Stepper machine model
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
Frame Material Aluminium Steel carbon steel
Finish material plastic Polycarbonate ABS PVC Nylon
pedal Material
Drive Train
Resistance System type hydraulic Hydraulic Pistons Hybrid JID Hybrid Generator Self-power generator magnetic electro-magnetic Motorized belt/strap Elastic rope
Number of resistance levels
Minimum Watts
Maximum Watts
Heart Rate Control type Handgrip Control Wireless Control Telemetry polar chest belt system
Number of User Profiles
number of Pre-Defined Programs
Number of User-Defined Programs
number of heart rate control programmes
Predefined programs Manual Rolling Hills Interval fat burn calorie burner Basic Heart Rate Control Pulse Weight Loss Random aerobic Fitness Test Weight Management Healthy Living Sports Training Constant Watts Quick Start Cardio Thigh oner Glute Sculpter target HR mystery challenge
User-Defined Programs
Console Buttons reset start/stop quick Start scans up or down buttons Enter Numeric Keypad results Mode recovery Mode Manual Mode Program Mode User Mode Watt Mode Training Modes Time Adjustment
Display Feedback Speed RPM steps per minute (SPM) Average SPM Step Count Total Steps Step frequency Heart Rate heart rate tracking motivational track Time Time Elapsed Time Remaining date Distance Calories METs Watts Workload level Thermometer Calories per Hour Calories per minute workout (program) profile Dynamic Profile Display Static Profile Display User display Average Watts Workload in Watts floors climbed Digital Clock fat analyzers laps completed Percent complete BMI (body Mass Index) SmartRate Recovery torque Intensity Moderate Burn Vigorous Burn Fixed Time Interval Variable Time Interval Temperature
Power Source plug in Battery
Number of Batteries
Battery size AA AAA AAAA C D N A23 CR-V3 CR2032 LR44 transistor
Battery Type Alkaline Lithium Lithium-Ion Li-Ion polymer nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hybrid
Battery Capacity (mAh)
Battery voltage (V)
Power (W)
Voltage (v)
Frequency (Hz)
Current (A)
Number of Display
display type LED LCD
display size (inch)
Display Backlit color
Console display Specifications
display language
Device Compatibility
Operating Systems Compatibility
Application Compatibility
Muscles Worked
Number of Adjustable Foot Plates Positions
Incline minimum (%)
Incline maximum (%)
Crank type
Crank size (cm)
Range of motion (mm)
Pedal distance (mm)
Pedal Size (cm)
Step-Up Height (cm)
Assembly Dimension (cm)
Folded dimensions (cm)
Dimensions (cm)
Footprint dimensions (cm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Flywheel Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
Properties Portable Assembly required slip-resistant footplates (pedals) Large footplates Compact Independent design stepping action Folding Skid resistant rubber floor Dual-action step machine Multifunction Display easy to read display Light weight easy to use console Large console easy to store Wide pedals Ergonomic stability handles non friction system Handlebars for balance Large screen Ergonomically designed hand rails
Features Includes Resistance Cords Adjustable Resistance Adjustable height Two adjustable-resistance hydraulic cylinders Foam covered handlebars Battery-operated electronic monitor Electronically controlled brake IsoTrack™ system linear slide mechanism Bluetooth Two shock absorbers Water / Drink Holder Transport wheels for easy manoeuvrability Digital display heart rate sensors touch screen Full Color display Magnetic brake control system level adjustable magnetic system TV Hydraulic Adjustable Pistons Computerised Resistance Control Manual resistance control Easy Assembly Reading Rack Internet Browsing Wireless Technology Auxiliary Audio Jack Media Holder (phone or tablet) Integrated Accessory Tray Heart Rate Monitoring Active Fingerprint Wired Internet Wireless Internet Removable Cup Holder iFit technology Customized Cooldown dual directional flywheel speakers input technology Airport Cooling Fan
accessories 2 pulling bands Water bottle Carrying case polar heart rate strap chest strap transmitter USB charger audio adaptor cable Instruction manual DVD / CD training using of device
after sales service Warranty guarantee free shipping Installation
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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