Medicinal Plants

A medicinal plant , according to the ' World Health Organization (WHO), is an organism plant that contains in one of its organs substances that can be used for purposes therapeutic or which are the hemi-synthesis of precursors of pharmaceutical species .
Property Description
Specifications Medicinal Plants
Medicinal plant Name
Medicinal plant Brand
humor very hot hot mild Cold very cold Dry Wet
suitable for humor melancholic sanguine phlegmatic choleric
General benefits flavoring anti septic body hotness treatment cold treatment Soda and bile lifter Thirst-quenching Sweet Essence hoarseness treatment Anti toxin body coldness treatment cancer infections treatment blood vessels blockage treatment Pesticide Febrifuge Chest pain treatment tinnitus treatment tremor treatment sore throat treatment poisening treatment chest bleeding prevention cold malaise treatment sore eyes treatment earache treatment cholera treatment Antibiotic cleanser hiccups cure phlegmatic fever tranquilizer eye inflammation treatment runny nose treatment antimicrobial and antibacterial Catarrh treatment body moisture infectious disease treatment infection prevention Helpful for chickenpox low vision treatment eye infection treatment humors diluent ear infection treatment sneezing treatment pain reliever Nose and throat infection treatment nose swelling treatment chemotherapy side effect treatment Anticancer insect bite and sting treatment for tiredness relief blocked tear duct treatment for regulation of the prostate gland prostate swelling treatment varicocele treatment Antidiabetic Useful in treatment of diabetes
Positive Effects On Respiratory System shortness of breath and asthma treatment Expectorant Treatment of whooping cough Treatment cough relief pulmonary disease treatment or anti-inflammatory drug Pneumonia Treatment bronchitis Treatment seasonal allergies Treatment Tuberculosis Treatment Sinusitis Treatment lung infection treatment Helpful for measles Helpful for rubella
Positive Effects On Cardiovascular System heart strengthener prevention of heart stroke heart disorders treatment blood vessel blockage treatment prevention of atherosclerosis Heart Diseases Treatment Anti palpitations ( regulation of the heart beat) angina Treatment
Positive Effects On Brain And Nervous System antidepressant Exhilarating seizure and epilepsy treatment Anti-anxiety sedative sleep disorders treatment Sleeping Stop having nightmare dizziness treatment intelligence enhancers memory enhancers brain-boosting sedative MS Treatment Headache treatment hysteria treatment hypersomnia treatment suffocation Treatment Melancholia Treatment Alzheimer's Treatment Parkinson's treatment Sciatica Pain Relief obsession treatment Paralysis treatment tremors treatment deep sleep treatment neurasthenia Treatment neurological diseases Treatment Facial nervous pain reliever insanity treatment aggression treatment
Positive Effects On Digestive System ascites treatment Carminative Stomach tonic Intestinal tonic digestive appetite enhancer Diarrhea Treatment abdominal pain Treatment Antiemetic Antiemetic Astringent Carminative bile duct disease treatment Gastrointestinal tract antiseptic Laxative chronic diarrhea Treatment gastric ulcer treatment duodenal ulcer Treatment Anti-parasitic gastric reflux disease treatment burping treatment anus swolling treatment indigestion problems treatment hemorrhoids treatment Elimination abdominal pain positive effect on gastric secretions Elimination gastric humidities Colitis treatment Antiparasitic peptic ulcers Treatment Gastric enemas appetite enhancer for children cold stomach treatment appetite suppressant stomach disorders treatment cyst treatment Stomachache Treatment gastritis Treatment colon polyps Treatment dysentery treatment constipation treatment digestive system strengthener intestinal wound treatment for intestinal gas relief
Positive Effects On Urinary System bladder clots treatment Diuretic kidney tonic kidney stones Treatment Bladder stone treatment kidney inflammation treatment urinary tract inflammation treatment Genital Pain Relief dysuria Treatment urinary frequency Treatment albuminuria treatment positive effects on toxins excretion kidney strengthener urine sediment treatment urinary and bowel incontinence treatment nighttime urinary incontinence treatment Kidney infection treatment urinary infection treatment kidney failure treatment
Positive Effects On Women's problems Menstrual disorders treatment menstrual cramps treatment mothers milk enhancer Menstrual regulation nipple fissure treatment Ovary Strengthening cysts and tumors Treatment heavy menstrual bleeding treatment Spotting treatment Polymenorrhea treatment female hormones regulation fibroids Treatment Infertility Treatment menopausal problems treatment Placenta Excretion (after miscarriage) womb strengthener prevention of veginal bleeding Useful for ovulation
Positive Effects On Liver And Spleen liver cleanse jaundice Treatment for waste material release hepatic colic Treatment liver strengthener liver pain treatment enlarged spleen treatment Biliary atresia treatment gallstones treatment
Positive Effects On Skin and Hair Health Dandruff treatment hair strengthener Anti Skin allergy Skin allergy treatment skin clarifier hair split ends treatment Antifungal Skin heating blisters and wounds treatment hair clarifier hair conditioner gray hair prevention greasy hair treatment Anti-freckling skin freshener Antiperspirants hair fall treatment Cutaneous Diseases treatment Burn Treatment wrinkle smoothing acne treatment skin strengthening anti-itch Skin Cooling skin stretch marks removal pregnancy stretch mark treatment varices treatment
Positive Effects On Skeletal System muscle weakness Treatment Anti spasmodic backache treatment joint pain relief Anti inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis treatment children bones Strengthening rickets Treatment Height Increasing Gout treatment gripe treatment Muscles relaxant for ligament strengthening paralysis treatment
Positive Effects On Oral Health gum strengthener Toothache Relief Bad Breath treatment mouth ulcer treatment tooth strengthener Tooth whitening Canker Sores treatment swellen gum and teeth treatment
aphrodisiac aphrodisiac Sexual desire disorders treatment Erectile dysfunction sex drive recovery libido reducer Sperm increasing
Positive Effects On Endocrine Glands for Regulation of thyroid function for Endocrine glands regulation hypothyroidism Treatment hyperthyroidism Treatment Helpful for mumps Adenoma treatment
Drug rehabilitation drug addiction treatment for drug rehabilitation for Drug rehabilitation side effects reduction Opioid Substitution
Positive Effects On Blood Disorders Treatment anemia treatment for increasing white blood cell for increasing red blood cell Leukemia Treatment Hematopoietic Enhance blood clotting Blood Purifier High blood pressure treatment prevention of bleeding Hypoglycemia treatment Hyperglycemia treatment for blood sugar regulation Anti uric acid Anti triglycerides Anti cholesterol for Lowering bad cholesterol high hemoglobin count treatment Minor Thalassemia Treatment Major Thalassemia Treatment blood fat reducing
Positive Effects On Overcoming Obesity And Skinniness for gaining weight fat burner for lossing weight Fitness
Strengthening Effects body strengthener Tear glands Booster for strenghening eyesight energizer Anti-Aging for children growth for Strengthening the immune system
Vitamins A C D E K F1 B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B9 B12
Features Organic cultivation Greenhouse cultivation Traditional cultivation Normal cultivation Standard certificates health license Edible Nonedible
Side Effects
Packing type Cellophane paper bag unpacked
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