Ironing Press

Property Description
Specifications Ironing Press
Ironing Press name
momentary steaming
Continuous steaming
Steam Preparation (min)
Boiler type built-in boiler built-out boiler
Type of steam From above From the floor From both sides
boiler capacity (ml)
water tank capacity (ml)
boiler resistance (kw)
steam consumption
steam pressure (bar)
max air pressure(bar)
Body Material
Press power (kg)
Temperature range (°C)
max temperature (°C)
Energy Efficiency A++++ A+++ A++ A+ A B C D E F G
Reservoir volume (cc)
voltage (v)
Frequency (Hz)
Power (W)
Pressing Plate Size (cm)
Dimensions (cm)
Weight (kg)
Heat Up Time (min)
Cord Length (cm)
max Ironing Time (min)
Features Automatic steam burst production Electronic safety control temperature control system Locking Knob Temperature control ironing board is removable ironing board is washable Low-noise Equipped with anti-sediment filter Water spray Intelligent Water Treatment System Electronic Mineral Control (EMC) with Telescopic base Adjustable steam amount Automatic cut-off system Anti-leak system Vertical steaming Anti-sedimentation system with warning lamp Digital display dry ironing ability Steam booster Ability to choose steam activation from above or below or simultaneously Waterproof and Fireproof cloth cover Non-stick heating plate ability to select temperature Warning to avoid Burning clothes Continuous Steam Ability Usability with base and without base Steam Preparation lamp Child lock with digital display and panel Safety lock of pressing plate warning system ability to control steam and heat with steam releasing button Safety and adjustable thermostat Special Ironing program for Different kinds of fabric Adjustable stand
accessories Anti-sediment cartridge Fixed telescopic foundation Educational CD Farsi Directory Measure sprinkler cushion Educational film Water reservoir
after sales service Installation Warranty guarantee free shipping
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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