Hot Melt Glue (thermal) Binding Machine

Property Description
Specifications Hot Melt Glue (thermal) Binding Machine
Hot Melt Glue Binding Machine name
Hot Melt Glue Binding Machine brand
Hot Melt Glue Binding Machine Model
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
body Material
Hot Melt Glue Binding Machine type Industrial desktop
Speed (book/hour)
heating time/Melting Time (Minute)
format paper/Binding Size A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 letter
Binding/Book size (mm)
binding/book width (mm)
binding/book Length (mm)
binding/book Height (mm)
Binding/Book thickness
cover width (mm)
cover length (mm)
cover Thickness
Lamination thickness
Capacity (Number of sheets)
Glue type PUR Glue Eva glue cold glue Hot glue Hot liquor glue
cover type paperback hardcover cellophane cover
Cut Type Electricity Manual
Milling system Solar milling cutter disc knife milling cutter small milling cutter
Temperature Control NTC PID
Display Type LCD LED
Number of Rollers
Number of Clamps
Power (W)
Voltage (v)
frequency (Hz)
Current (A)
nominal current (A)
Capacity tank glue (litre)
lubrication system
Compatible with
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm)
Packing Dimensions (mm)
Packing weight (kg)
Features Double heaters Adhesive filtering device avoids the jamming Clamping device Positioning device for easy and convenient to bind the hardcover Milling Cutter Hardcover Making Plank Temperature Controller Groove Press Device wireless Microcut glue roller electric driven brush glue hot pressing plank speed-regulation control Vertical clamping-surface mechanism With Controlable Wheels High speed with touch panel Energy saving with dust proof cover binding cycle counter automatic shut off after being idle for more than 90 minutes With cooling rack Cold & Hot Lamination Adjustable height Vertical cover clamping Simple operation panel with Side Glue with Spine Glue High-power motor Adjustable function Interchangable glue cartridges Printable Tacking Sheets Electronic adjustable temperature control Low noise Easy to use Adjustable milling depth Automatic book ejection Adjustable book positioning Separate tank for spine gluing and side gluing Tiltable milling unit adjustable Book releasing mode Automatic cover feeding Adjustable glue cutoff Built in jogger Automatic setup according to block thickness Automatic carriage start Cover sensor Paper dust extractor Adjustable book squareness BAR code reader Glue fume extractor Ultrasonic double sheet detection Turning line Digital binding Digital display additional adhesive scraping reverse roller User-friendly color display without the need to set up Easy access and monitoring device performance self-adjusting Adjustable book length Adjustable book thickness high safety Round gluing dual fan for glue Creasing Device Adjustable speed Adjustable clamp Adjustable milling Adjustable side glue Adjustable machine via display and monitor ergonomic with buzzer Motor-stage automatic adjustment sewn books binding Automatic delivery system Equalizer Unit Automatic photoelectric fault detecting controls Inverter speed regulation Micro-computer control Adjustable time and pressure of clamping error hint function with automatic clamping automatic fixing dust-proof design cooling rack Infrared Testing Safety Protection Digital Temperature Control power switch operation light indicator clamp switch with LED indicator light Buzzing after finishing binding PTC Ceramic Heating Pneumatic system CPU Control System PLC System (programmable logical control) Press Tight By Hand Infrared Photoelectric Testing Multi-function Adjustable Guling Thickness Adjustable cutter Dual-rail design Double track design Automatic Cover Clamping Automatic Clamping Book Push button operation full-Automatic Semi-Automatic Binding soft Binding hard standby mode
accessories Cover Trimmer Hard Cover Toolkit english instruction Persian Instruction
after sales service Warranty guarantee free shipping Installation
guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
guarantee Conditions
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