GSM Modem

GSM Modem is a wireless modem that works with the GSM network. This type of modem acts like a dial-up modem, the biggest difference between sending and receiving data is dial-up modem, sending and receiving data via a telephone line. The modem sends and receives in the GSM modem via radio waves.
Property Description
Specifications GSM Modem
GSM Modem name
GSM Modem model
GSM Modem brand
sim card operator TCI irancell rightell talya
sim card type Permanent Credit
number of contacts
number of recordable messages
Timer for texting period
Manageable number of special event
port type RS485 RS232
Transmission rate ( b/s )
Communication protocol
input voltag range (v)
input voltag frequency (hz)
input voltag resistance ( MΩ )
voltage accuracy (%)
input current range (mA)
input current resistance ( Ω )
current accuracy (%)
number of analog output
analog iutput current (mA)
analog input voltag (v)
analog output accuracy ( bit )
responsing time (ms)
number of digital outputs
digital output voltag (v)
digital output current (mA)
isolation (kv)
number of relay outputs
power supply AC DC
voltage (v)
frequency (hz)
dimension (mm)
weight (kg)
Operating Humidity(%)
operating temperature(°C)
properties Adjustable how to activate Events Adjustable how to react Events Ability to recharge the SIM cards and recharge code by SMS variety SIM cards can installed on the device With counter for counting switching on digital inputs If you do not get the ability to send this SMS text message to Detecting the amount of charge on prepaid SIM cards and SMS in case of need With 4 digital and analog inputs and 4 relay outputs ModBus RTU protocol RS485 port to network multiple devices
Color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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character length
Analog input voltage range (V)
Range of analog input current (mA)
Degrees separation
Number of analog input channels
relay output power
storing temperature(°C)
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