Cutting Cutting Plotter

Property Description
Specifications Cutting Cutting Plotter
Cutting Cutting Plotter name
Cutting Cutting Plotter brand
Cutting Cutting Plotter model
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy blue brown silver golden gray
frame color
frame material metal Aluminum alloy Plastic ABS
driver type High speed stepping motor stepper motor High torque motor micro-step driver Digital Servo Motor Digital DC PWM USB
Cutter Pressure (Cutting force) N g gf
Cutting speed (mm/s)
Straight-line Speed (mm/s)
Curve speed (mm/s)
Maximum Axial cutting speed (mm/s)
Servo motor speed (RPM)
Maximum acceleration (m/s²)
Maximum axial acceleration (m/s²)
Repeatability mm m kg inch mm/pulse inches/pulse
Mechanical resolution mm inch mm/step mm/pulse
Cutting Length (cm)
Cutting Width (mm)
Maximum cross cut area (mm)
Offset (mm)
Commands set
Blade type steel Super steel Sapphire Carbide
Pen type Water-based fiber tip oil-based ballpoint disposable ink pen
Media type
Media way
media width (mm)
media thickness (mm)
Media weight (g/m²)
Control system
Display panel
display size (inch)
display Language
display Resolution (dpi)
Operating Systems windows java mac linux android Symbian
Memory Capacity (MB)
Buffer capacity (MB)
Cache Capacity (MB)
Interface USB COM Ethernet Parallel Serial RS-232C WiFi bluetooth
Power Consumption (w) ready active printing standby sleep manual-off auto-off powersave off
voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
Current (A)
Operating environment Temperature (°C)
Operating environment Humidity (%RH)
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
Features Forward direction and reverse direction feed Emergency stop Cutter speed and cutter pressure memory can be stored Double photoelectric reset low power consumption adjustable cutter pressure Cutter Pressure digital adjustment Low noise Automatic touch button English lcd control panel, with speed control and force control High Precision Fast speed display screen adjust easily High capacity memory Regulating speed and blade pressure at any time setting original point at any place Emergency switch used during work Cutting Test Cutting knife soft loading cutting limitless length Auto Power switching High-speed memory thin-film keyboard easy to use
Accessories stand dust cover Squeegee Blades Blade holder plotting pen pen holder Adapter power cord USB Cable Instructions User Guide software
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guarantee period Year Month Week Day
warranty period Year Month Week Day
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